Welcome to the co0ki Cards 'Get Yours' page, where your journey to a custom memorabilia card begins. We're thrilled to turn your cherished moments into personalized treasures. Ready to start? Follow these simple steps:

Fill Out the Form:

Download the co0ki Cards PDF form provided [link to the form]. Choose
your design, select foil colors, and indicate your preferences. Fill in
the text elements and note any specific details for your custom card.

Submit via Email:

Once you've completed the form, attach the PDF and email it, along with all the picture files, to [co0kicards@gmail.com]. This marks the beginning of our collaborative creation process.

Invoice and Payment:

Look out for an invoice from us. Once you've made the payment, we'll kick off the crafting process.

Crafting Your Card:

Depending on your design choice, we'll start working on your card.
You'll receive regular updates, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Memorabilia (if applicable):

For designs requiring your memorabilia, mail the piece to us. It adds a personal touch to your unique card.

Revisions and Perfection:

Review your card with one revision for existing designs and up to three for bespoke creations. We want your card to be perfect.

Production and Delivery:

Once approved, we'll produce your card with care and ship it to your
provided address. Get ready to hold your memories in your hands.

Ready to transform your moments into timeless treasures? Let's get started! Fill out the form and embark on the co0ki Cards experience.